An old showerhead can have so many issues. Water might not flow too well through it, it might leak or it could just be that it is ugly. But, fortunately for you, replacing an old showerhead is not very complicated.

Your first step will be choosing what type of showerhead you want. You can get a fixed showerhead or one that has a removable sprayer. You can get one that has massage options as well as lighter pressure for those that prefer that.

Once you have picked your showerhead, you can get started. It is important to begin by turning off the water supply, just in case of a mishap. You don’t want to have a busted pipe gushing out water into your bathroom.

Next, get started removing the old showerhead. Don’t use too much force. If the showerhead is rusted on the pipe, you might want to abort and get some professional help, since too much force could damage the pipe.

On the other hand, if you can unscrew it without trouble, give the pipe a good cleaning, put some silicone tape on the thread, and attach your new showerhead.

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