You probably don’t get up in your attic very often. For most homeowners, the attic is just a storage space for things that they want to get out of the way. Unfortunately, this means that space is wasted in your home just to have a stair leading up into the attic. In some homes, this is avoided by installing an attic pull-down ladder instead. This way the additional space a stair takes can be used for more living space instead.

Having an attic pull-down ladder does mean that you need to be aware of the limitations that it comes with, however.

For one thing, the ladder will only be as secure as the frame that it is mounted in. There need to be sufficiently long nails attaching the ladder to the frame, or it could come loose when weight is put on it. If the ladder is too long, excessive stress could be put on the joint where the ladder folds, causing it to break.

You should avoid climbing the ladder with a heavy load, instead, you should have heavy items handed to you to place in the attic.

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