Having bats in your backyard can be great protection against bugs, but if you have them in your attic, it’s a different situation altogether. Bats like to find hiding places that are dark and give them protection during their daytime slumber, and your attic could prove to be the perfect place for them as long as they can find their way in. You would be surprised at the small crevices that the bats can squeeze through, so you will need to plug up the holes before you will be able to get rid of the bats.
Bats in the attic are not only an issue because they will be startled and fly around in the attic when you get up there. Their droppings can carry disease which could prove to be a health hazard for you and your family.
To help in keeping bats out, there is something that is called a one-way excursion device that you can install. This will only allow bats to travel out of the attic and not back in. As long as you plug up any other holes and cracks they could be using to get in there, you will soon have a vacant attic once again.

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