So what do you think is best for your living room.. carpet flooring or wood flooring? Well in this article, well discuss both the pros and cons of having carpet or wood flooring in your living room.

First, you want to see if carpet would be an excellent choice because of the look of it in your living room, the appeal of it. Then you must consider the beautiful designs, probably thousands, that they are able to craft on. It feels warm and fuzzy under your feet and is quite pleasing to the eye if you can make it work with your living room. However, carpet is infamous for holding moisture underneath it. And so begins the vicious cycle of mildew and eventually, mold. On the other hand, if you’re able to do a checking of it regularly, you can absolutely make carpet work for your home.

Then we have the option of wood flooring. So many things can be done with wood flooring. Engineered flooring, classic farm look floorboards, sanding down, staining it, etc. In the summertime, wooden flooring is amazing. However, once again you have to watch out for the moisture. Given enough, moisture can actually make the floor shrink the tiniest bit, and as water collects, the shrinkage will become more visible. Also, wood flooring is very susceptible to scratches or dings against other objects.

So on one hand, you have carpet that is extremely pleasant to the touch, and awesome in the winter time. On the other, you have wood flooring, excellent in the summertime, but cold during the winter. So the choice could be based on where you live, whether it be spring year round or winter year round.

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