Central air conditioning or other forced air HVAC systems can make life inside a building more comfortable and convenient. Like all systems, though, it’s important to ensure that it’s not only maintained, but also cleaned. HVAC ductwork can gather a lot of nasty stuff, ranging from dust and dirt to bacteria and mold. Fortunately, replacing the ducts is not the only solution. You can also have them cleaned!

Duct cleaning is a standard service provided by many cleaning companies, most notably carpet cleaning companies. The way it works is that there is essentially a vacuum cleaner that attaches to a specific location in your ductwork, the rest of the vents are all closed up, and air is forced through the ducts, sweeping away debris. Typically, an antibacterial solution is then applied to the ducts to keep them mold-free for some time. Having your ductwork professionally cleaned is a great way to prevent illness and keep your HVAC system working efficiently!

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