Where do you get your power from? If you are connected to the electrical grid, you probably have a mixture of sources for power, and you are paying for it. Have you ever wanted to get out of paying for power? It is actually a possibility, especially with solar power getting more and more affordable. The technology has advanced to the point where it can pay for itself in a relatively short time. So, if you are thinking of taking full control over your power supply, there has never been a better time. Of course, you would need to decide how much you will invest in switching to solar. To be completely self-sufficient, you would most likely need around 30 solar panels, give or take a few. This can be a large investment, and take up a lot of space, so you might just decide to have your power partially supplied by solar. Some homeowners have started small to increase over time until they have enough to be 100% powered by solar. Others just bit the bullet and got it all over with at one time. How you choose to do it would depend on your budget and long-term plans.

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