Have you ever thought of using window films in your home? If you aren’t aware of what window films are, the simple explanation is that they are like sunglasses for your windows. While this might not be the time of year that people think about blocking out sunlight, there are options both for permanent and temporary installation.
Window films are attached to your existing windows and will filter out the sunlight to whatever degree you would like. Installation is very simple, since you just need to cut them to length and then apply them directly to the window pane. It might be trickier if you have grilles on your window, but usually, you would just cut the film into smaller pieces to get each pane separately.
Window films can usually be found in hardware stores, or if you shop online, you will find an abundance of styles to choose from. Just make sure that you aren’t going to miss the extra heat that the sun through your windows can provide.

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