Who doesn’t love a hot shower? Hot water coming out of our tap is one of the simple joys and conveniences in modern society that really can’t be appreciated enough. For thousands of years, if we wanted hot water, we had to go outside, gather water, start a fire, and heat it ourselves. It would take hours sometimes. Now, we just walk over to the sink and turn it on – and there it is – hot water.

But every year, thousands of children get burned by water that is too hot. These burns range from minor injuries, all the way to third-degree burns. So asking if your water is too hot is a good question to ask.

There are many organizations that cite the proper water temperature – ranging from about 100 degrees to 140+ degrees (Fahrenheit). So what is the right way to make sure that your water is at the right temperature? Because 40 degrees is a big variance.

As a general rule, if you cannot keep your hand under the hot water comfortably for a period of time, then it is probably too hot. You can also measure the water temperature with a thermometer – which is often more accurate than reading the temperature at the water heater.

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