Keeping down energy cost is a concern for most homeowners. Energy costs are constantly rising, so that is a good incentive to save on energy, but there is also the effect that energy production has on our environment to consider. While there are many green alternatives, energy production is still a major source of pollution.

So, what are some simple things that you can do to keep your energy usage down?

Your appliances are usually the biggest energy drains in your home. By exchanging old appliances for new, energy-saving ones, you can cut a large chunk out of your monthly energy bill.

Lightbulbs might seem like a minor expense, but have you ever added up how many bulbs you have in your home? If they are old style incandescent bulbs, about 95% of the energy they use is wasted as heat.

By replacing them with LED or CFL bulbs you can make a big difference.

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