How much money have you spent on all the electronics in your home? For many, the sum might add up to more than you would like to think about. The truth is that most of us have quite a few electronics that are pricey, and even if they are not the top of the line, it would still be costly to replace them. So when there is a lightning storm near your home, you probably want to make sure that a surge doesn’t all of a sudden reduce your electronics to a worthless pile of plastic and metal.

Lightning storms and other surges in the electrical grid are more common in certain parts of the country, but just because it doesn’t happen very often where you live, doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have the misfortune of experiencing one. This is why you should have your electronics plugged into a surge protector. They are made especially to prevent surges from damaging your electronics, but for them to function, you first need to make sure your surge protector is plugged into a properly grounded wall receptacle. You also need to pay attention to the indicator light that lets you know it is functioning, since a surge protector can be burned out after a few surges, and after that won’t offer any protection.

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