Cleaning your home is probably something that you have a lot of experience with, but in the current situation, some extra work might be involved to make sure that you keep yourself and your family healthy. The COVID-19 virus is causing people around the world to buy cleaning materials at a much higher rate than normal, and most stores have empty aisles where there once were plenty of cleaning chemicals and tools. Even if you don’t have many visitors in your home, it is definitely worth your time and effort to clean a little extra than usual, especially commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, faucet handles and anything else that could easily get contaminated. You should be more aware than usual of where you go and what you touch since you could spread the virus from one spot to the next and unknowingly infect someone in your home. It is especially important when you come in from a trip to the store where you might have interacted with a contaminated surface.

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