Trees are a wonderful thing to have around your home – when they are at a safe distance. They provide shade from the sun, an enjoyable atmosphere, and they are just nice to look at. But if you have trees around your home, be cautious of a few things.

First – roots. Depending on the type of tree you have and the proximity to your home, the tree’s root system can cause significant damage. The two most common are 1) The Foundation. Even small roots can push in on the foundation and cause structural issues. 2) Your Main Sewer Line. Your main sewer line runs from your house and to the street (or your septic system). Root intrusion into this plumbing line can cause sewage backups into the home and other issues. Also, roots can even tear the pipe apart in some instances.

So knowing this, it is important to keep your trees under control. Make sure they are not too close to the home, and be sure to have your foundation and main sewer line professionally checked.

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