Staging is the process of making your home look as presentable as possible to exhibit the features of the property you would like to highlight. The difference between a virtual staging from a traditional one is the fact that it is done virtually through a computer. No need for physical potted plants, rugs, decorations, or real furniture. In virtual staging, a professional will present the home’s design, best features, and selling points.

Virtual staging is an innovative way of presenting a home. However, it might still not work with some of the home sellers out there. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of virtual staging:


  • Exhibiting Features: Help you virtually present your home in the best possible way.
  • Economical: You can digitally display the furniture and decor without having to buy them. 
  • Fast and Flexible: You can easily add or remove rooms and change how you want your home to look quicker.      
  • Convenient: Moving and rearranging furniture is effortless compared with physically carrying all items to another space.


  • There could be furniture and decor that are only available virtually.
  • It is difficult to take pictures if a home is still occupied.
  • Could become expensive if not done right. You might spend money having furniture removed to make way for pictures.
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