Does it seem that you hear a lot more about bed bugs than you used to? This is definitely the case. Bed bugs have been making a major comeback after the use of DDT was discontinued. While DDT was the only pesticide that was proven to be effective against bed bugs, it also had some very serious health effects. Now, many hotels are fighting against bed bug infections constantly. The reason why hotels are such a hot spot is that so many guests bring bed bugs with them when they stay in a hotel, and from there they proliferate.

This means that you should make sure that you don’t bring any home when you stay in a hotel. The first thing you should do when staying in a hotel is to inspect the bed and couch for bed bugs, otherwise you could place your bags and clothes where the bed bugs could transfer over. Stretching out the seams on the bed and couch can give you a view of a cluster of bed bugs.

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