Termites are probably the best known wood damaging insects in the world. While there are plenty of other varieties of bugs that do bore through wood and could infect your home, termites do more damage in a shorter period of time. The problem with termites lies in the fact that they can be difficult to detect before they have done major damage to your home. In as little as a few years, it is possible to have structural damage to your home if termites are left unchecked, so it is important to be on the lookout for signs that they are in the area.

Some of the more obvious signs can’t usually be noticed until extensive damage has already been done. There are some early warning signs that can be easier to spot however. If you notice swarming termites in the spring, or their shed wings near your home, you should contact an exterminator immediately. You can also check for mud tunnels climbing up the side of your foundation. Knocking on wooden sections of your home and checking for sawdust can also give you a hint that something is up.

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